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Setup Facebook (Instagram) shopping, product tagging

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Creating a Facebook and Instagram shopping presence involves several steps to set up and optimize your accounts for social commerce. Here's a general guide to help you get started:

  1. Set Up Business Accounts:
    • Facebook Page: If you don't already have one, create a Facebook Page for your business. Make sure it's set up correctly and has all the necessary information, such as your business name, contact details, and a profile picture.
    • Instagram Business Account: If you're not already using one, convert your personal Instagram account into a business account or create a new business account. This provides access to business features, analytics, and advertising tools.
  2. Comply with Eligibility Requirements:
    • Your business needs to meet certain eligibility criteria to use shopping features. These requirements can include adhering to commerce policies, selling physical goods, and having a business presence in a supported location.
  3. Product Catalog Setup:
    • Create a product catalog that contains the items you want to sell. This catalog can be set up using Facebook Business Manager, and it can include product details such as images, titles, descriptions, prices, and links to product pages.
  4. Enable Shopping on Instagram:
    • Once your Instagram business account is connected to your Facebook Page and your product catalog is set up, you can submit your account for review to enable shopping on Instagram. This process ensures that you're complying with the platform's commerce policies.
  5. Product Tagging:
    • Start tagging your products in your Instagram posts and stories. You can tag products either when creating a new post or by editing existing posts. Tagged products will display the product's name and price, and users can tap on them to get more information.
  6. Shopping on Facebook:
    • Facebook offers different shopping options, such as the Facebook Shop and Marketplace. You can set up your Facebook Shop to showcase your products. Similar to Instagram, you'll need to link your product catalog to your Facebook account.
  7. Promote Your Shopping Posts:
    • Consider using paid advertising to promote your shopping posts and reach a broader audience. Facebook and Instagram offer various ad formats and targeting options to help you reach potential customers.
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